Growing The Idea Into Being

The story goes back a long way, from the days and years of drawing and painting as a little girl to changing careers midlife by returning to college for my art degree. My art has evolved from years of studio experience, studying art history, trying out new mediums and processes and learning new skills from books and teachers.
The place I live now, Arizona, is my inspiration. I observe and absorb constantly the light, shadows, shapes, angles, colors and weather and from watching the variety of animals and birds particular to this unique western state.   There is nothing more peaceful nor more exciting than being in the studio making something solid and enduring from observation, imagination and the beginning of an idea, memory or the insistence of an image that appears to me. Art is a personal process - starting it, making decisions and changes along the way, moving it into different light, self critique, finishing it, choosing the right frame for each piece.  When you buy one of a kind art, you are buying something that has been deeply cared about by me, the artist, using  oils, paper, glue, board, canvas and determination before presenting it to the world.

I have exhibited my work for over two decades, in galleries, juried shows and invitational shows. My paintings, linocuts, monoprints and collages are in both private and public collections. I realize that buying art is a commitment to own something of value that belongs to you, is unique and not mass-produced and will be shown in your home or business for many years. Therefore, if it doesn't meet my standards, it does not go out the studio door. I always hope that my clients find something that is meaningful to them and that they will pause for a moment to enjoy it every day.

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